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FAQ Section for common queries provided

Q1. I found a stray/injured animal on road side, what to do?
Ans. You may contact Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh as well as SPCA Chandigarh in case of emergency.
Q2. Where can I get free of cost stray animal Veterinary care?
Ans. Free of cost stray animal Veterinary care is available at SPCA at Sector-38 West, Chandigarh.
Q3. Is there any place where pet animal available for adoption?
Ans. SPCA Chandigarh may be contacted for the purpose.
Q4. Is there any Stray Animal Hostel available?
Ans. No, there is no stray Animal Hostel available in Chandigarh.
Q5. I have a concern that my neighbor’s animal (s) are not being cared for properly, what can I do?
Ans. You may contact Field Inspector at SPCA, Chandigarh.
Q6. If any vehicle available for lifting the animal?
Ans. Yes, vehicles for lifting sick/injured large animals are available with Municipal Corporation and for small animals (sick/injured ) is with SPCA.

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