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Fees Structure

Fees prevailing in Govt. Veterinary Institutions Animal Husbandry, U.T. Chandigarh for various veterinary services

Sr. No Name of the item Fee levied
1.Purchee fee / out door ticket at Vety. Institutions for pet animals Rs. 30-00
2.Purchee fee / out door ticket at Vety. Institutions for large animals. Rs.20-00
3.Castration feeRs. 20-00
4.Pregnancy diagnosis fee at Vety. Institutions / Poly Clinic Rs. 20-00
5.X-Ray fee (per film)Rs. 30-00 (Radiology wing not functioning)
6.F.M.D Vaccination fee50% price of per dose
7.H.S & B.Q Vaccination feeRs. 2-00
8.Anti Rabies Vaccination feeRs. 30-00
9.Artificial Insemination fee (Locally frozen Semen) per A.I. Rs. 30-00
10.Artificial Insemination fee (Imported Frozen Semen) per A.I.Rs. 100-00
11.Stool Test Rs. 10-00
12.Blood test / Urine test Rs. 20-00
13.Minor operation feeRs. 50-00
14.Major operation fee Rs. 100-00
15.Health Certificate
(a) Animal
(b) Poultry
Rs. 50-00 (Per Animal) Rs. 1-00 (Per bird)
16.Export Certificate for animalRs. 100-00 (Per Animal)
17.Post Mortem Certificate
(a) Animal
(b) Poultry
Rs. 100-00 (Per Animal) Rs. 5-00 (Per bird)
Sr. No Time Duration Rate Of Liscense to Anglers
1.Daily Rs. 50-00
2.10 days Rs.400-00
3.One monthRs. 1000-00

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